Printed circuit board reviews | BasicPCB
File Requirements

[!] Orders that do not meet fabrication requirements will be cancelled and the credit card used will be refunded.

Please check that all files submitted satisfy the File Requirements below before placing your order. If any of these are violated we will correct and process the order or cancel it at our discretion.

  • All layers must be registered (all same offset)
  • 274x Gerber files only
  • 25 mils minimum radius for board ouline.
  • Board outline provided, ideally in a separate layer (if no outline provided a rectangular shape will be created at our discretion).
  • No data outside board outline
  • No internal routing/slots
  • 6 mil trace and space minimum
  • 15 mil minimum hole size (All holes will be plated if specifications not provided)
  • Scored or tabbed arrays are not allowed
  • Plated/non-plated slots are not supported. Plated slots will run with a single drill hit the size of the width of the slot (not the length).
  • 1 design per a file set/order
  • No ITAR Compliance, No UL markings

Tool List

Do not forget to embed a tool list in your Excellon drill file, or provide one in a separate text file. Common file extensions for Tool Lists are .tol and .rep.

Annular Rings

A minimum of .005" annular ring for vias required.
A minimum of .007" for component holes required.
Vias with connecting traces must have a pad that is 10 mils larger than their drill.
Component through holes with electrical connections must have a pad that is 14 mils larger than their drill.
Tooling holes with no electrical connections may have 0 mil annular ring.

Small Drill Holes Too Close To Each Other

A minimum of 10 mil spacing (edge to edge) between drilled holes that have a diameter less than 65 mils is required.